The assertion of Parliamentary supremacy is a legal

The assertion of Parliamentary supremacy is a legal fiction promoted by politicians and their Ministry of Justice. It’s not Law. In the UK and the Queen’s realms it is the Law that has supremacy. Acts of Parliament are not Law per se, they are Bills and statutes. The term statute law is a technical misnomer, more properly it should be statute legislation. Despite politicians, their place-men, familiars and the ignorantly acquiescent who assert the treason of parliamentary supremacy, where statutes and Law are in conflict Law is always superior. Statutes depend on flowing legitimately from what is, therefore, the supremacy of Law. Actual Law, with a capital L, is Constitutional, being made from Contractual Constitutional Instruments (1215, 1688 etc.), Case Law Precedents and Common Law (also including Natural Law). The other fiction promoted by such treason is that we don’t have a written and codified constitution; we do, even if not within a convenient single document as the Americans have. Perhaps the greatest of our Constitutional Instruments is the fully intact, in force and unamended 1688 Declaration of Rights and its inferior and wholly unrepealed statute, the 1689 Bill of Rights, consequential to the ‘Glorious Revolution’. They were not created in order to replace the Divine Right Of Kings with a Divine Right of Politicians. Whilst senior members of the judiciary too often serve parliament and fail to uphold the rights of people according to Law we are by definition being ruled unlawfully and tyrannically, which is Treason.